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A Dog’s Journey

A Dog's Journey    

PG 109 min AdventureComedyDramaHollywood

IMDB: 7.4/10 3,402 votes

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China, India, Hong Kong, USA

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A dog finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he meets.

A Dog’s Journey 2019 Movie Review:

Bailey, an old St. Bernard/Australian Shepherd combine, lives jubilantly along with his owner Ethan (Quaid) and his spouse Hannah (Helgenberger), and their 2-year-old grandchild Clarity June “CJ” (Emma Volk) and her mother Gloria (Gilpin). Bailey, human activity with the audience via his thoughts, contains a fondness for CJ. Gloria is shown to be an incompetent mother with hate for dogs, a distrust of her dead husband Henry’s oldsters (Hannah ANd Ethan) and an ambition to own singing career.

Before long thenceforth, Ethan discovers an enormous lump in Bailey’s abdomen, and a veterinarian’s designation is cancer. Gloria’s suspicious nature leads her to maneuver out with CJ. Eventually, Bailey’s condition worsens and Ethan calls the veterinary to the barn, wherever they steel onself for mercy killing. Ethan holds Bailey fondly and tells him to require care of CJ before he’s lethally injected. Bailey, now dead, is then seen running through a sedgelike field towards young CJ.

Nine years later, Bailey, who has been reincarnated as a feminine hound dog named live-bearer, is a component of a litter of puppies who are adopted out till solely live-bearer and her favorite brother Rocky ar left. She sees a young boy named River Trent (Ian Chen) and his family adopting Rocky. She conjointly sees a jeune fille with him, whom she acknowledges is CJ, currently eleven years recent (Abby Ryder Forston).

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Molly, memory the promise she created as Bailey to Ethan, runs outside to CJ. CJ, currently living in an exceeding house with Gloria, takes live-bearer home together with her and hides her from her mother. Gloria eventually sees live-bearer and scolds CJ for obtaining a dog behind her back, however, CJ persuades her mother to let her keep the dog given however neglected she feels.

Over time, CJ and live-bearer grow more and more shut, together with River Trent and Rocky. CJ, currently a youngster (Prescott), reveals to River Trent (Lau) that she needs to drop out of high school and move to NY together with her father’s insurance settlement to pursue a career in music. whereas CJ is busy, Hannah and Ethan visit Gloria’s home with a box of Henry’s recent belongings, eager to see CJ. However, Gloria, still angry over their discord, closes the door on them, however not before live-bearer takes a feeling to Ethan, and he acknowledges her as Bailey and reminds her of his request to shield CJ.


CJ begins so far Shane, a store clerk whom live-bearer distrusts and tries to shield her from. Shane insists that they attend a celebration, that gets busted by police for underage drinking. live-bearer is separated from her and brought to a shelter. River Trent retrieves live-bearer and reunites her with CJ. CJ is sentenced to community service at a facility that teaches dogs the way to notice cancer and live-bearer teaches herself the way to signal she has smelled the scent.

Shane sexually assaults CJ, and Gloria’s insouciant response to it and revelation that she has spent Henry’s insurance settlement provokes CJ to go away with live-bearer. whereas exploiting city, she discovers Shane is following her and eventually rams her automobile. making an attempt to flee him, CJ gets in an accident that kills live-bearer. scared of being inactive, Shane promptly flees the scene. live-bearer is then shown running through an equivalent sedgelike field that Bailey was once he died.

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A Dog's Journey 2019 Full Movie Download HD 720p

A Dog’s Journey
A Dog’s Journey
A Dog’s Journey
A Dog’s Journey
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