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Sonchiriya 2019 Full Movie 720p Download

Sonchiriya is a 2019 Indian action film directed by Abhishek Chaubey and starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Bhumi Pednekar, Manoj Bajpayee, Ranvir Shorey and Ashutosh Rana. The film presents a rooted tale set in Chambal. The film was released on 1 March 2019 to very less screens i.e. 720 in India and 220 in overseas circuit, making it 940 screens worldwide. The film had generally positive reviews from critics.

Sonchiriya 2019 Movie Plot:

The story of film is about in ravines of watercourse Chambal natural depression. It tells the story of dacoits in 1975, WHO termed themselves Baaghis, the rebels. Lacchu offers data to Baaghis that a gift of heaps of gold and money are given to the bride by her father. Therefore stealer Man Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) alias ‘Dadda’ ought to raid. Special Task Force (STF) headed by Inspector Virendra Singh Gujjar (Ashutosh Rana). Attacks them throughout the loot during which Dadda gets killed. This ends up in a split between gang. Lakhna (Sushant Singh Rajput) needs to surrender to police. Whereas Vakil Singh (Ranvir Shorey) needs to follow baaghi’s dharm (way of life) of rebellion.

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On run they meet Thakur’s better half Indumati Tomar (Bhumi Pednekar) with a lady named. Khushi whom Indumati’s family head had raped. Indumati had killed him to save lots of Khushi and ran away to rescue her. And take her to hospital. Indumati’s whole family is chasing her to urge her killed. She pleads Baaghis to assist her take Khushi to hospital. Baaghis agree. Indumati’s family arrives and tries to require away Khushi with them. Whereas Vakil Singh agrees to let her go, Lakhna revolts and disagrees. During this battle royal, Indumati’s own kid fires a bullet on Vakil’s brother and kills him unintentionally.

Lakhna and team beside Indumati and Khushi escape and Vakil Singh vows to chase them and kill. It’s discovered that Maan Singh ransacked gift house to save lots of. Lacchu’s father from inspector Gujjar knowing okay that it had been a lure to kill them. Gujjar had taken him prisoner and secure to free providing Lacchu brings. Baaghis thereto village for the police to kill all Baaghis right away and find reward from the govt. Midway to hospital, Lakhna tells Indumati a background story a couple of curse of killing innocent kids. Within a space by mistake semiconductor diode Baaghis’ whole cluster being killed flip by flip.

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Which they have to search out Sonchiriya (a image for a ‘Saviour Girl’) to urge eliminate the curse. Baaghis meet Phuilya stealer and he or she joins Lakhna to save lots of the hemorrhage lady. And take them to Dholpur Hospital. They’re joined once more by Vakil Singh and gang within the task. Vakil says “to keep at bay the curse we’d like to save lots of this lady from death. It’s an opportunity to repent. This lady Khushi is “our Sonchiraiya, our saviour”.Indumati son’s wish to kill her mother. However Lakhna confronts and tell the reality that his grandpa was a nasty person and father not grandpa. Lakhna and Indumati makes to hospital. Within the last scene, whereas the lady is being hospitalized.

Lakhna who, being hunted person by Gujjar, was activity behind the tree comes bent surrender. As his task of saving Sonchiriya was finished. However by the curse, Lakhna is shot dead by Gujjar. Within the aftermath, it’s discovered that Vakil Singh has been killed by the police at the terminal, as his clay is loaded in a very tractor. Later, whereas traveling towards police office when killing Lakhna, Gujjar is shot and killed by one amongst his constables WHO was earlier mistreated and affronted by him.

Sonchiriya 2019 Full Movie HD 720p Download (1.25 GB)

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